Welcome to our world

Zebras & Libras culture

A day at the beach is a cultural ritual.

To us, the beach is like a wonderland. It’s a place to learn, play, chill, dream, laugh, discover, build castles, meet, exercise, meditate, read, eat, and sleep. So for us a swimsuit is more than an item of clothing designed to be worn at the beach. Is a lifestyle, a value, an attitude, is a culture.

Zebras & Libras aesthetic

We focus on creating unique, fashionable and high quality swimwear. A commitment to integrity also shapes our philosophy, from concept right through to creation we take a considered approach to our product, customer and impact. The designs reveal a playful spirit. Zebras & Libras swimwear can be worn all day long and into the night, tomorrow or ten years from now


Our purpose is to make sustainable fashion fun, colorful and empowering, and still offer you the most fair prices in the market. All swimwear fabrics are made of regenerated polyamide yarn, ensuring an eco-friendly product. Zebras & Libras swimwear is proud to be manufacturing all products locally, with the highest standards of workplace ethics and environmental responsibility. We take care of every detail in the process and that of course includes the packaging we use. The materials we use are recyclable and we avoid using plastics as much as we can.